Diamond Coated Micro Tools

Diamond coated micro cutting tools

Diamond Coated Micro Tools are designed for precision machining where a small tool of less than 1/8” (3mm) is required.

CVD Diamond’s Diamond Coated Micro Tools can be used to increase efficiency of milling where small cutting diameter is required. Our diamond coated Micro Tools are the sharpest of the diamond coated tools currently on the market which allows the machining of thin walls with less chance of breakage of the material. The diamond coating ensures that the tool stays sharp throughout the life of the tool. Long life and higher feeds and speeds increase efficiency of the machining operation by allowing faster machining and fewer tool changes.

CVD Diamond’s Diamond Coated Micro Tools are used in the machining of Graphite, Ceramics in the Green State and composite materials like Carbon Fiber and High Density Fiberglass.

Testing has shown and customers have verified that our end mills last longer than any other tools available on the market today - and are in stock for next day delivery.

Contact us today to discover the difference that diamond coated micro tools will make in your machining.

These Diamond Coated Micro Tools are used in machining graphite, composites, carbon fiber, fiberglass, ceramics, green ceramics, plastics, and G10.


Diamond Coated Micro Tools specifications - cutting diameter, shank diameter, flute length, overall length